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Should Denial Vettori bat at all?

by Gaurav Sethi

Vettori is facing a mid life batting crisis. No amount of runs will make him believe he can bat. In fact the more runs he scores, the more seeds of doubt sown. If it goes on like this, pretty soon he may not bat at all.

This will not hurt New Zealand. Vettori will be able to focus on his captaincy, his bowling. Who knows, he may even start to rate himself a bowler – and flex some muscle in the power play.

This of course will tempt batsmen into bashing him all over the place. And then you know what happens – free wickets.

Right now, understandably, Vettori is worried about his Delhi Daredevils’ contract. He should be. Why pay him if they don’t play him?

Here’s some advice Dan, open the batting. You may not score many runs, but that was never your objective, was it – you always wanted to serve the team.

PS: After reading this, Dan decided to bowl the 13th Power Play over. He can now look himself in the eye.

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