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What’s certain in South African cricket?

by bored cricket crazy indians

For one, who will bowl the 30th over – earlier it was Shaun Pollock, always, without fail. He did so in the ODIs, and if you investigate further, he may have bowled the 30th over in test matches too. But of course he never bowled the 30th in a twenty20. That would be overdoing it.

I’m quite sure Pollock, who is now in commentary, makes an appearance in the 30th over.

Today, playing Sri Lanka, who should bowl the 30th over – well, Dale Steyn, who else? Steyn will always bowl the 30th over for South Africa –at least till he’s top dog.

The South Africans have this way, it allows them to think less on the field, and go with the flow – that’s why they lose so many knockout matches.

They’re not really choking, that’s a myth. It’s all been planned before. This is a semi-finals, we know how it’s done – we’ve done it so many times before, let’s just focus on the process, we have nothing to lose.

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