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Believe it or not: Bhajji bowls at 79.2 kmph

by Gaurav Sethi

I know how the quicks take it easy and drop a notch or two in pace in desi tournaments. But Bhajji, the speed king spinner, dart thrower extraordinaire, he’s a different breed altogether.

There was flight, grip, turn, one ball at barely 80 kmph. I stopped so fast in my tracks, left skid marks on the mosaic floor. And then lo! behold the unbelievable ball, it was everything you don’t expect from Bhajji – slow, less than 80 kmph (79.2), also less than 50 mph, flighted, and yes, turn too – I froze. Luckily it was the last ball of his over.

Later I dreamt about that particular delivery. In my dream it was not Bhajji, but my local courier company.


straight point said...

i was not watching the game but followed it with cricinfo for a while... there were some interesting comments poring in that he was hurrying thru his overs when red were going great guns... there was not a sign of flight or spin just plain darts...

may be only in later part of innings when red were struggling he bowled that ball...??

Gaurav Sethi said...

Think it was to the middle order batsman, but I doubt Bhajji rates them.