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Wanted: More Indians in Champions League Twenty20

by Gaurav Sethi

The BCCI has lost its clout. How else do you explain just three IPL teams in the Champions League? Worse, while the IPL teams field as many as four imports, the foreign clubs get away without playing any Indian cricketers.

At the very least, the foreign clubs should play at least four Indians. There’s this humbug local tournament called the Challenger Trophy which also starts today. Honestly what timing. Where do you think the players prefer to play – Challenger or Champions?

When speaking to an unnamed player from one of the coloured teams (Red, Blue, Green), I was told, on conditions of anonymity, “It’s good playing in the Challenger, but it would be even better in the Champio…”

Unfortunately, he did not complete his sentence. It was time for the toss.

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John Cornar said...

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