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Bhajji the batsman versus Chotu the #@$%

by Gaurav Sethi

In the Daredevils vs. Victoria game at the Kotla, Mishra hit what should have been a six, then some spoilsport did a MI3 manoeuvre and stole Chotu of a six. That could have been the highpoint of a lowly game, not to be.

Mishra can bat, he wants to bat; and if he makes it as a batsman he will be a compact batsman for more reasons than one.

Big bro Bhajji meanwhile is the real deal lower order resident all rounder for the Aussies. He is a mascot first, then a player.

On the basis of Bhajji’s charge against the Aussies, you’d think he has some stratospheric first class batting average. It’s a charming 19.11. Point to be noted milord. 11 fifties too. That’s how he always makes the 11.

Poor Chotu’s first class average is merely 19.50 – only .39 more than Bhajji’s.

Also, he has played 86 to Bhajji bhai’s 141 games. And to Bhajji’s 11, he only has 9 fifties.

But a moment of batting beauty, both Bhajji and Chotu have a first class high of 84. What a magical number, 84.

I rest my case, both should play for India. One always will, the other, by the grace of Bhajji.

(I’ve chosen to compare Bhajji and Chotu’s first class batting numbers for two reasons 1) Chotu has only played five tests to Bhajji’s three million, and Chotu is yet to register an ODI average in his five games. Another day, we will pack some sandwiches and talk first class bowling numbers)


Mahek said...

Yeah but Harbhajan is an allrounder, big match player, Aussie slayer, all rolled into one. He's also aggressive and owns a Humvee.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, unlike his Humvee he gets a lotta mileage

Mahek said...

Another cameo by the Hummer falls short of what was required. I'm curious as to why he responded to Jadeja's call when he thought there was no run in it. He's done it way too many times to attribute it to pressure.