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Bad Headlines And The Power Of Gossip

by achettup

If you're a cricket fan on the inter tubes then there probably is only one website that caters to all your needs, BCC! of course. But there are a number of other cricket related websites, even here in India, that aren't all bad. But they just haven't got that something extra to catapult them into the upper echelons of intertube-cricket. Then along comes a rubbish gossip blog which has just about as much to do with cricket as Ricky Ponting's use of spinners has to do with the Spirit of Cricket, that ends up putting them all to shame.

The moral of the story: nobody cares about the pictures, the videos, scorecards, stats, articles and interviews, all everybody wants to read is a nice steamy, gossipy fantasy.

There are very few people who write professionally today without an agenda. Take for example, how differently the same issue was reported by two different new sources as pointed out in this article here on Bored. With that in mind, I popped over to cricketnext* and noticed they too covered that story. But honestly tell me what the first thing that comes to your mind is when you see a headline like this:
BCCI Mum on Kohli-photographers Spat
This is a family blog, but its hard not to have the image of some rancorous Board official's mother atop some Kohli-photographers, whatever they are, spitting to glory. They're learning you see. It is our mission to find these headlines where ever they may be, post them here and admire them, so that we don't end up with poor unsexy titles like "Bad Headlines And The Power Of Gossip"

Footnote: I think cricketnext was acquired by, but I don't know how that has influenced the page's ranking.


Mahek said...

I don't think I saw anything about the Kohli incident on cricinfo. It's pretty much the only website I follow regularly when it comes to cricket. The Guardian has some good articles too but it's not as global as cricinfo.

achettup said...

thanks for mentioning twice in the first comment a website I took great pains not to mention in the entire article!

The point of course, was that if you wanted to focus on sensationalist rubbish, focus on it properly, like the FIP did. Otherwise focus on setting up an original or better performing website that caters to a cricket fan's needs.