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Buy a shoe, have Shane Bond bowl at you.

by Gaurav Sethi

I’m in this shoe shop with an old classmate of mine, Dixit.

According to Dixit, if you buy a shoe, Bond will bowl at you. This is weird, most batsmen would buy a shoe to not have Bond bowl at them.

Seeing as this is a Bata store, and they sell millions of shoes, I start to worry about Bond’s fitness – how long before Bond breaks down again?

As a customer, you can even select Bond’s delivery speed - 130, 131 or 140 kmph. Apparently most guys pick 131, but scary old Dixit settled for 130.

He claims even 130 kmph felt way faster than what 130 feels – yeah, I’m thinking, Bond’s got his Mojo back…and how many would have the balls to pick a 140 kmph delivery?

Then the sequence breaks. You good with dreams?

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