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Daredevils will win the Champions League Twenty20

by Gaurav Sethi

It all fits in. IPL 1, Daredevil’s first game against the Royals was so one-sided the Kotla nearly sank. The Royals barely got the ball past the square, not very hip.

Today, in their first game, the Daredevils pulled off a Royals – they scored a slender 98. Each batsman played like Kaif on a bad day, strokeless. Kaif was there in the Royals’ team then, he was not an outcast.

The Royals had in their captain, the juvenile genius, Warne – a man who would bowl spinners in the power play. Likewise Gambhir, what intent, bowling Mishra in the 6th, never mind what happened. And Gambhir at mid off was so keen to be close to his bowlers, at times, I saw him aping their run ups alongside them – always with his bowlers, what a guy, just like Warne.

Any other captain other than Warne or Gambhir, and the bowlers would’ve gone on strike. “Give us food and runs, then we bowl”.

The Royals lost their first game, so too the Daredevils. Both at the Kotla, both with me in attendance. The rest as they say is a mystery.


MANU said...

No way Delhi can win it. They don't have the fire power now and they don't know how to finish big games like in the IPL semis

straight point said...

the irony lies in the fact that tho the jatman is headless the team delhi daredevils is very very top heavy... they must spread their batting to have any chance in CLT20...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Manu, you need one guy to win a T20 game, Delhi has 4 match winners.

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, you make DD sound like 38D.

Cups aside, they have this prob - never cultivated Maharoof but then neither did Lanka. DD needs an allrounder, but then doesn't india.

I'd still say with the lot they got, the batting order is ok, it's only 20 overs.