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Even MS Dhoni can’t stop Amit Mishra from playing today.

by Gaurav Sethi

Isn’t it ironical, MSD, Bhajji and their Hummers are playing in the low profile Challenger, while the low key Mishra will strut his stuff in the Champions League.

Mishra, who at best of times is an afterthought, will be a sure-shot in today’s game. There’s no Vettori, which is good, because Delhi always has second thoughts about Dan, sparing little thought for Amit.

Gambhir as captain will mean better handling of Mishra, with Jatman it was more like manhandling of the bowlers. For once, no selector, captain or celebrity bowler can keep Mishra out. Go Mishra, wear that Ed Hardy at the post match party. You have to blend in after all, who looks at a spinner’s analysis nowadays?

1 comment:

Som said...

A very crucial point you made. Go, Mishra, unleash yourself as no one can deny you a blockbuster, for they themselves are cursed to feature in the bagatelle.