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DKNY, fashionable again.

by Gaurav Sethi

Daredevils first game Dinesh Karthik (DKNY) was a fashion faux pas. He was some jumpy bunny, he had to run himself out. Then the second game, the bunny was still going strong, he had to run Jatman out.

But before that, he feigned so much maturity you’d think he was under MSD’s tutelage. And then he went bonkers, bonking Mendis - Don’t tell me you didn’t think Stuart Broad, Yuvi, 6 6s then – had DKNY hit 6 6s, not even he could have screwed his career from there.

As it is, he hit 3 6s. Then Mendis got so twitchy, his short sleeves hiked up to his mouth. The 4th ball, had it been left, would have been a wide. But DK played that for two. And once Mendis bowled that, he knew how to bowl the perfect wide – so wide, that even an overreaching DK would not reach it.

At that point, the bunny was back, DK was out of the crease, out of here. But he did finish second best after Jatman, a good prêt line for sure.


Anonymous said...

Broad could have learnt from Mendis here. When you can't stop the batsman, don't let him touch the ball at all.

Anonymous said...

A rare gem from DKNY.

Gaurav Sethi said...

KMC, Broad doesn't learn.

Chandler, he comes off when we least expect