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The Opening Conundrum

by Mahek

Partnership A:

Innings 92
Runs 3475
Average 38.61
Strike Rate 99.00
Innings per 50 partnership 7.08
Innings per 100 partnership 8.36

Partnership B:

Innings 33
Runs 1669
Average 52.15
Strike Rate 109.50
Innings per 50 partnership 4.71
Innings per 100 partnership 8.25

Take your pick as to which one you'd like at the top of the order if you were captain.


Ankit said...

gambhir and sehwag...B

Aditya said...

The Numbers Don't lie!

but where would you fit Sachin in If Sehwag and Gambhir were to open ?

I am sure Sachin will step down if he fails regularly!

and IF India wraps up the series quickly we can get the B combo in!!

Then again whenever fingers are pointed at him Sachin seems to answer the critics with his bat! Hoping he proves all of us wrong again!! :)

Mahek said...

There is no finger pointing here. It's about choosing the better partnership upfront. There's no reason to drop Tendulkar from the side since he's been more than carrying his weight, but he can bat at 3 instead of opening the innings. It's not just about his personal score, he could get a hundred even if the opening partnership is zero.

Gaurav Sethi said...

After today's 100, won't be surprised if MS comes up @3 in delhi, those yummy short boundaries.

Sharath said...


You don't compare different sample sizes with averages - that's STATS 101. The first sample is three times larger than the second, so you need to factor in variance for any sort of objective analysis.

As they stand, the numbers don't make any sense, and it would be folly to conclude anything from them.

At the very least, compare the FIRST 32 innings of Partnership A with the first 32 innings of Partnership B. Then we might have a basis for a discussion.

Strange to see none of your readers picked up on this very obvious issue.

Mahek said...

Sharath, maybe you never went beyond Stats 101. You can actually compare unequal sample sizes. If not, you can never compare the numbers for Ponting and Tendulkar since the latter has played a hundred or so more innings. Heard of confidence intervals? So what's the degree of confidence you want buddy?

Sharath said...

Hi Mahek,

Sure you can compare different sample sizes - and you can do a reasonably good job doing it JUST with averages too, but for that, both samples should be relatively large.

32 against 92 is a bit too skewed, in my opinion.

But let's stop here. If we've stopped talking of the cricket and started discussing statistics courses and confidence intervals, you know we've taken it too far :-)

You could be right - maybe Sehwag and Gambhir is the better opening stand.

I just think that so far, the numbers are not conclusive for us to lean either way, but that's me.

Mahek said...

Would you rather wait till we don't win the 2011 World Cup?