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Questions from Match 1!

by Ankit Poddar

Did you sh*t in your pants watching the last 4 overs of the match 1 of Hero Honda Cup 2009?!

Edge of the seat cricketainment is here! Australian or Indian, never mind, if you weren't at the edge of your seats in the last four overs of yesterday's match, my friend, you are not following cricket!

What is a convincing victory?!

The news channels keep calling yesterday's result a convincing victory for Australians! I believe that convincing victories are those, which grant you an undisputed psychological advantage for the next matches, and Australia do not take that from this match!

Is ODI format dead?!

My pants full of sh*t on your faces, ODI detractors! Because when the Top 2 ODI teams battle it out, it creates Cricketainment!

1 comment:

straight point said...


odi does seems dead when for example england plays it... not every series can be between oz-india or india-pak...