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Smoking cricket

by Gaurav Sethi

There’s a bunch of guys huddled up squatting, smoking, cricketing. Between the six of them the Delhi ODI’s date is undecided. Some say 30th, others say 31st.

Me, I’m stuck in the mobile with the blues again, say 31st. Heads turn, they hang on the 31st, it’s been declared law, the Delhi game is now on the 31st. One of the guys thanks me, the others nod, I nod. I’m still in the mobile.

Then the ‘thank you’ guy appears with a cigarette for me, and he thanks me again. I’m loving it, just fixed a match day.

I refuse the cigarette, he insists, at the cost of breaking a new cricket bond, I refuse again.

But that’s enough for me to join their cricket chat. They ramble on about Bhajji and Sachin, there’s more positivity in this bunch than in the entire world cricketing order.

For them, a Delhi win makes India No.1, and Bhajji would have been world famous had he won it for us with the bat.

I like the cigarette guy’s take on Bhajji’s bowling – if he’s not bowling well, bowl him less. Bowl Yuvi more, bowl Jadeja more. He puffs away, that simple. Is it any coincidence that Warne smokes too?

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