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by K

Dear All,

I’ve not been able to blog for quite a while now. First it was the hectic schedule and then it was my ill-health that kept me away from BCC!

As soon as I landed in Kolkata on the morning of 15th October for a press conference, I started experiencing difficulty in breathing and my blood pressure shot up.

I then consulted the doctor at the Kolkata airport who examined me with his stethoscope, gave me a medicine and asked me to visit a nearby hospital. Even as I walked out of the airport, my condition worsened.

It was then that I received tremendous help from the taxi drivers at the airport. As soon as I brought my problem to the notice of my taxi driver, another gentleman (a godsend) by the name of Mr. Ashok Ganguly (he runs some taxis from the airport) came to my immediate rescue.

From there on Mr. Ganguly took charge of the situation. He accompanied me to Charnock Hospital along with two others in a taxi and asked me a few questions about my condition before speaking to his doctor. He reassured me that everything would be alright. He arranged for a doctor to see me at the hospital even while we were in the taxi, got me admitted to the ICU, took care of all my belongings and helped me get in touch with my boss who was already in Kolkata and with my family in Delhi.

He also got the medical insurance formalities done after I had given him my medical insurance card. He then not only waited at the hospital all day while I underwent several tests but also went to pick up my mother from the Kolkata airport (he was also calling up my mother every half an hour to give her an update on me).

I remember he mentioned to me that if I get discharged the same day, he will himself accompany me on the flight back to Delhi.

Through all of this my organization (Professional Golf Tour of India) and my colleagues stood by me and helped me in all possible ways.

Today is my first day at work (back in Delhi) after a week’s rest. I have more or less recovered now and can’t help but think what would I have done on that day had Mr. Ashok Ganguly not come to my help. I am still in touch with Mr. Ganguly. We talk every second day.

So this Delhi Daredevil is now also a Kolkata Knight Rider (I used to despise KKR before this event).

Nikhil Kalaan


scorpicity said...

oh jeez... Nikhil... This is a crazy scare. Do take care of your health and I thank and pray for the good ones like Mr. ganguly and other personnels who helped you out. I will call you.

Cheers to all of them.

Som said...

I think unless your surname starts with a C followed by an H and ends with two Ls, you can count on the Gangulys to come to your help.

Jokes apart, take care Nikhil.

straight point said...

take care nikhil... meanwhile let me investigate if that was well hatched plan to convert a delhi daredevilian into a kolkota knightrider...

Poshin_david said...

Totally agree with Som.....

Gaurav Sethi said...

K, know what you're saying, but I would still ask you to reexamine yr feelings - what if Mr Ganguly is a closet daredevils supporter. It would pain him to know you've gone KKR.

K said...

but i said that i am also a knight rider and not just a knight rider. always a daredevil first and foremost.