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Two Indians nearly played for Australia in the Champions Trophy finals.

by Gaurav Sethi

You can’t keep a good Indian down. He will show up when you least expect him to, in your heart, in the corner shop, on the scoreboard.

Virat Kohli has this way with comebacks – people are falling over each other to accommodate him. When they fall over, they injure themselves, Kohli reports.

Nehra is no less, he came from the brink – when asked what the brink was like he gnawed at a tandoori chicken leg in his trademark uncouth way emitting the choicest of expletives…yeah, that’s why they say he’s way f***ing hungrier now.

Truth is both Kohli and Nehra made it to the Aussie XI for the Champions Trophy finals. It was a precautionary measure to combat Callum Ferguson's injury later in the evening and Siddle's dentist appointment.

Nehra and Kohli's names flashed in the electronic sky. But before the scoreboard could warm up to these Indians, the Aussies were back. Another case of name dropping was reported.

(Based on the fact that Kohli and Nehra's names appeared on the scoreboard, the rest as they say is bollocks)

1 comment:

Cricket Betting said...

Very funny. However, Virat and Nehra seems to have played well for India in the champions trophy.