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Welcome back Freesanth

by Gaurav Sethi

Sree is back, with big mouth in tow. At 222/8, Sree runs in, bowls on leg, single taken. Good bit, with Sree even a single is of some significance. Sree has a go at Kulkarni, Abdulla, both of them, none of them, one of them – with Sree you can’t be sure who, why, what, but let it be said, he did have a go.

He didn’t have his heart in it, but his mouth was there, one of those muted asides. It earned a reply, the umpire stroked the batsman’s shoulder, and gave Sree a talking to, dressing down, mind your manners kinda thing.

Sree was escorted away, but as it wasn’t a female escort he was visibly upset, shrugging. Let it be said, Sree had a clean shave, but he refuses to start on a clean slate. What good is that anyway?

Sree at his best is annoying for no reason. He gets agitated when a single is taken of an ordinary ball down leg. What then, if it was a six of a snorter at the batsman’s face?

This wasn’t all. The commentary talked down on Sree. They have little imagination, wouldn’t it be refreshing had they applauded his effort? It didn’t stop at this. Camera 3 zooms in on the Match referee. Match ref realises he’s on camera.

He shakes his head, as if to say, “now what have you done Sreesanth?”
More than Sree’s despicable behaviour, I am appalled by the Match Ref’s show of emotion. This was a first for me. Prior to this, I have never seen a match ref shake his head. In fact I have never seen a match ref use his head.

Sree took 3/46 of 20. Let’s hold that against him too.


achettup said...

Well 3/46 is far less likely to get him any headlines than having a go at whoever he was having a go at. Especially not when Munaf has just taken a 5fer...
Free your mind Sree, and the rest will follow...

Mahek said...

And then we wonder why our bowlers don't take wickets. BTW, Harbhajan is a lot worse than Sreesanth, and I'm not talking about their bowling yet :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ach, He was visibly quieter in the IPL, too many people watching. Here in the Irani, he just wants to be himself.

But yeah, I do think he is of little interest to the scribes.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, that he is. License hai, Sree hasn't been allowed to apply yet.