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What now Lalit Modi?

by Naked Cricket

Deccan Chargers have been knocked out of the Champions League by Trinidad & Tobago. What remains of the IPL are the Delhi Daredevils and the Bangalore Royal Challengers.

The two teams will play each other in the Super 8s on Saturday, 17th October. Incidentally, that is also Diwali. The game starts at 8.00 pm, Diwali prime-time.

That should wreak havoc with the TRPs and spectator turnout. What now, Lalit Modi - you want to defer Diwali?


Chandler said...

lol :)

kissmycricket said...

That match on the 17th could probably be a knock-out as both of them will be playing with one loss at the start. Expect some cricketing fireworks.

Purna said...

BRC and Delhi will be gone soon too, don't you worry :).

Okay maybe not BRC, but only because of the Saffas.

The Chocolatecream Soldier said...

Bangalore look set to go out with the Bushrangers dominating them tonight. They might well be out even if they beat Delhi. The only thing certain is that at most one Indian team will make the semis.

Fred said...

Good point. Could be an All Australian final.

Naked Cricket said...

Mahek, they're just hitting some good old IPL1 form. And Jumbo had a rare bad IPL day - reminded me of his last few intl games, it was all gng down leg.

Naked Cricket said...

Fred, I'd like to see a mult-cultural final. DD v T&T suits me just fine.

Purna said...

Cobras vs T&T.

Sujan Rao (sanath189) said...

CLT20 seemed more interesting to me than our IPL. When I watched Cape Cobras live last week @ Chinnaswamy, This came to my mind that IPL teams and these domestic teams have very less to comparisons. These teams posses much superior domestic talents than the ones we have.

The Chocolatecream Soldier said...

I missed the last few games thanks to a busted adapter. The first game I get to watch and it's a shitshow with Bangalore not even showing up for the contest.

Here's what I'd like the semi-final lineup to be:

Victoria Bushrangers v/s Trinidad and Tobago

New South Wales Blues v/s Delhi Daredevils

That said, a more realistic lineup would be:

Victoria Bushrangers v/s Trinidad and Tobago

New South Wales Blues v/s Cape Cobras