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Where is Sunil Joshi when you need him?

by Gaurav Sethi

Sunil Joshi had his day some ten years back in Nairobi: He helped himself to five wickets in an ODI. Top that he bowled some six maidens. His figures 10-6-6-5.

Recall I wanted a six-for for Joshi, but that Nikhil Chopra took a few too. Anyway to hell with all that.

Sunil Joshi was part of the much loved Bangalore Royal Challengers test team of IPL1. We know what happened to CEO Charu Sharma, but what happened to Sunil Joshi?

Well, we’ll never know how he would’ve bowled in today’s game against the Bushrangers, will we? Then again, like VD Merwe, he’s a left arm spinner.

And Kumble would’ve only brought him on in the 17th over. Seeing as the game was won in 16, fat lot of good that would’ve done.

I reckon he would have been better off in IPL2. He's not much good out of Africa.


Sujan Rao said...

Forget what respect/consideration Sunil got for his talent. In the recently concluded KPL his bowling wasn't too impressive. New comers smacked him all over the park.

We can say where was cricket when Sunil was in prime form, now. Hope to see him continue bowling for Karnataka for few more years

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sujan, BRC dropped him last year, didn't they?

Sujan Rao said...

Not sure they dropped him, for that matter there are 'N' number of players in Karnataka team who claim to have been in RCB Team and haven't got a chance to play. We can consider them to have been dropped too ;)

Sorry for Sunil though, such a great servant he has been for KSCA.

Gaurav Sethi said...

That talk abt 'such a grt servant' reminded me of this one I wrote for Jumbo when he retired

Think Joshi had plenty of skill, with bat too, they just didn't like his face. Getn more and more convinced that's how Ind cricket works

Mahek said...

And I suppose Ishant is a looker? :D