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Cricket Crazy Indians.

by Bored Guest

During my college years (1971-75) the only source of knowing live scores was radio commentary. I owned a pocket transistor which I carried to college / class room. It was hidden under the shirt near the ear. Though I was a front bencher but on those days I used to sit in the back row near the window. The volume was kept very low. During the lecture, live score written on a chit was passed to the entire class. Everything was fine till one day ………...

That day attendance was thin and other students were sitting in front. I was sitting alone on the last bench taking notes but listening attentively to the commentary. Our professor, Mr Dhillon, saw me sitting on the back bench & asked the reason. I said - it’s very hot and I want some fresh air. All students, knowing well ,laughed loudly and Mr D sniffed some mischief. He came near me and heard the faint sound of commentary.

“Hmm..Listening to the commentary?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Stand up”


“Get out “


I walked towards the door. As I reached the door, he called-

“Arree score to batate jao.(Tell us the score before you leave)

I smiled. You tooooo…………... Mr Dhillon.

Another cricket crazy Indian.

by Mukesh


Mahek said...

Ah the good old days! I remember as an 8-year old I'd try to have a listen to the commentary on my senior's radio. There'd be a huge crowd gathered around the radio and the sound quality was so bad! And this one time we had class elections and India were playing Bangladesh in Sri Lanka. We needed to win that game by a big margin to make the final of the Asia Cup. This teacher walked in and wrote the score on the blackboard and the whole class went crazy. I think we chased something like 135 in 15 overs that day.

Som said...

Mukesh, brilliant! Refreshes memory.

Suhas said...

Loved this post. Seriously, back in the day, cricket commentary was probably the only thing which could bring a student and teacher onto the same wavelength!

Sujan Rao said...

he he !!! This story reminds me of such an experience during my Engineering 3rd Semester

"Stand up Sujan"

"Yes sir"

"What are potential transformers? "

"errr... Dunno sir!"

"When does the WC start?"

and without thinking left or right, I said Bang!

"11th Mar 2007"

Whole class burst into laughter and Sir told me to come to his staff room to help him in filling up some WC quiz form.

Yeah another Cricket Crazy Indian here :) :)

Mahek said...


Not to sound racist (One can never be too careful) but I thought you were Sri Lankan.

Sujan Rao said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujan Rao said...


aint your mistake bro, Im usually confused for being SriLankan. Thats cause of my likeness towards Sri Lankan cricket more than my Homeland India.

Contributed more for Sri lankan Cricket sites than Indian ones.

Do check our site, Im a staff of it :)