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The ageing process

by Homer

When I first read this piece by Makarand Waingankar, I was scandalized.

The Uttar Pradesh left-hand batsman Tanmay Srivastava seems to have played in under-14 for his State when he was 10-years-old! And played five years for the under-19 when the maximum limit as per the board is four years.

Another player of the team, Sourabh Tiwary of Jharkhand played the first under-14 game for his State when he was 11 and didn’t play the under-17 for the state. Ravindra Jadeja of Saurashtra played two World Cup tournaments and Piyush Chawla did what no teenager in this country has done.
On hindsight, it shouldnt have scandalized me. After all, I knew of a lot of my friends who had fudged their birth certificates to ensure that they did not miss out on the academic year.

What did surprise me was the shit storm it created. I am pretty sure Peter Roebuck had something to say about this. And Makarand Waingankar himself did a follow up piece ( I am trying to trace the links to those articles. I will update the post as and when I find them).

Maybe because of this, or maybe despite this, I believe there is now a process in place where age is being determined based on bone age

So I have this young acquaintance of mine who plays age group cricket at the district level. And he is in the short list to play for his district. And his selection hinges on his bone age, birth certificate be damned.

All pretty fair. And simple.

Except, in his case, his bone age is 4 years less than his actual age. So a 17 year kid can actually qualify to play for the U-14's because medically, he is qualified to do so.

So the question is, how old is old exactly?


Gaurav Sethi said...

What a freak show -

"In 2002 Chawla went on the tour of Sri Lanka with the under-17 in early October, returned soon to play under-19 for U.P. and within seven weeks was playing for the India under-15 in the Asia Cup."

Man, my head's spinning after reading that Hindu piece

Homer said...


Given that Chawla was 14 at the time,it is entirely plausible.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Sure. And by now he should be ready to play the 3rd test vs Lanka, and alongside Bedi in a India Seniors the following week.

Anonymous said...

Boner age

Anil Singh said...

Some of the youngsters, look older than an average 30 year old Indian. But no hard feelings, as people in India give big importance to strong foundation. :)

Homer said...


If PC plays with Bedi, Bedi will be "Match ka Mujrim" every single time :)


Homer said...


Given better diet and nutrition, and the fact that kids are reaching puberty much earlier, why is it any surprise that kids look a lot older now than the generation before?


Sujan Rao said...

Quote (Homer) : Bedi will be "Match ka Mujrim" every single time :)

ha ha !! that was awesome. Hope thats not Mandira Bedi ;) and just BS Bedi