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A day without B*****

by bored cricket crazy indians

You can argue that it’s the off season between test matches. That B***** is all partied out. And we are all B*****ed out.

Blame it on the high jump after one of his miraculous wickets. Clearly he needs to pursue some other sport, and doesn’t he know it.

These are times of reflection for him, as for us. First there was cricket, but that was nowhere big enough for the gladiator in him. How he likes to Crow.

He fooled himself playing darts with a cricket ball. But that’s more a pub game, and our B***** is more the outdoor type.

With this new way of referring to him, you’d think he could be Asterix. But the magic potion’s dry, and Kirsten’s no druid.

These are tough times, what sport will B***** inflict after cricket? Will it even be a sport?

Of course if Sreesanth can play cricket again, B***** can go fly a kite.

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