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DKNY: Back in fashion again

by Gaurav Sethi

It is now a proven fact: Indian cricketers, especially the openers are falling over each other, and putting themselves in harm’s way, to give Dinesh Karthik aka DKNY that lucky break.

While injury to Jatman will naturally affect his man, Gambhir, and vice versa, any injury to Sachin Tendulkar is unrelated to the Delhi openers.

In fact, India can now boast of three openers whose injury woes are almost Australian. At the Kotla, Jatman and his man were seen close to the Fosters drinks’ cart which has since then been carted away for questioning. It is still unknown whether the cart or the Fosters' girls were hitting on them.

Both players claimed that they were not hit by the girls.

At the thana, repeated replies of “ Austrylian for beer” were met with the customary lathi charge. The Fosters’ girls fled to Mohali, keeping another cart company.

Far from all this, DKNY spoke with a briskness of the New Yorker that he is: “happytobeback happytobeback!”

That's ok, but are we happy to have you back?

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