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Imran wishes himself.

by Bored Guest

Well today is ummm my happy bored day, actually it's a lord day .. nay a god day .. after all wasn't I the Lord and God of Pakistani cricket nay international cricket at one time. Yes it's my happy Lord day, or should it be horde day. considering the hordes of fans that I have. So it's my happy Lord and horde day. Am I a sagitarrian, no I'm a lion. So it's the happy Lord and horde day of a sagittarian who's actually a Leo. It shouldn't confuse anybody. It's actually very simple. Imran the Lord with the hordes of fans, a sagitarrian who's a lion. It's as simple as that. As simple as it was for Pakistan to win the World Cup, once they made me the captain. Yes, it was as simple as that, they made me the captain and we had to win the world cup, never mind the performance by the team. So Happy Lord and Horde day to me the leonine sagitarrian. I'm sure jemima is cutting a cake.

by Mohit Varma

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