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by Gaurav Sethi

Today, speak Sree’s language for a change.
If nothing else, you may just get to understand him better.

5/75 in the first, so far 1/10 in the second.

How long does it take for Indian cricket to reclaim its own?

Obviously much longer than it took us at Bored.

Sreesanth Freesanth. It started here.

Don't stop.

Next stop: Che.

picture AFP


Poshin_david said...

Way to go Sree......

I never doubted you.....:D

Gaurav Sethi said...

Chris, you got Cheeka's job

Homer said...

And he is 28, the peak years as a pace bowler.

Which begs the question, what ever happened to the "lack of depth" of India's pace bowling resources?