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Sachin Announces Retirement - Just Another Premonition

by Ankit Poddar

Or call it a nightmare! While I was still thinking, what should be the one special post on Sachin completing 20 years in international cricket for Bored, I dozed off to sleep!

And it was time for another one of those premonitions!


Sachin announced retirement 3 months back, and the reality has sunk in! Indian cricket is not the same anymore, being Indian hasn't remained the same either! SUNK, it is!

Last night, India lost their fourth straight one day series in the past 3 months, this time to Afghanistan. (Guess, I just love dreaming about the mountain, terror torn country!) Most of the blame had to be shouldered by the frail Indian batting line-up, that was still being regarded as the best in the world, only 90 days back!

After the Indian loss by 178 runs at Hyderabad, the arrogance in the words of Captain Virat Kohli, however, wasn't lost! "We have lost Sachin, but we have the potential to produce another one.", said he, and was mocked at by the packed stadium at Hyderabad! He was also mocked at in sports bars and coffee houses around the world! Bored Chief has announced a free of cost medical check up for Virat's mental illness, as the Bored Chief cannot see Indian cricket go down the drain where it is headed to.

BCCI has lost all its multi-million deals with its sponsors, in the past 2 months, when they were up for renewal! If BCCI hasn't invested well in the past, it seems with the current trend, that it is heading towards another Lehmannesque bankruptcy!

On a scarier note, Bored had an exclusive interview with the legendary Sachin himself. He seems to be going crazy sitting at home, watching India lose so bad! He wants to get back to cricket, but then he is already 50! His wife, being a student of medicine, is scared for his health!


I couldn't bear the trauma of Sachin's retirement any longer, which is where I woke up! And thankfully the nightmare ended!

Because Sachin is still here, inspiring confidence in me and his team, as he has for the past 20 years! And we will continue to see turning up in his whites and blues, and playing for India, as he has for the past 20 years!

Thank You Sachin, for still being here!

You could read more on what I think about Sachin and his 20 years, here!


Mahek said...

Three words: Get Over It.

Ankit Poddar said...


i get where is this coming from!

but come on, most of the post doesn't really talk about Sachin!

look at the Indian line up with out him, you have guys like Virat Kohli, all arrogance!

BCCI made its first big deal of 36 crore, peanuts to today, for 96 WC, after Sachin got his 27 cr deal, ironically from the same company!

and afganistan may start being a regular feature, isn't that good for cricket!

think of it, BCCI bankrupt may also be good for cricket

Mahek said...

And how does it matter how arrogant Virat Kohli is if he starts scoring runs? No one talks about how arrogant Yuvraj and Harbhajan are, and one of them isn't even doing too well.

How well do you know Kohli personally to have this opinion of him? Are you going to judge him just because he looks like a punk and the media told you he parties and fights with their people? This is a guy who scored a hundred for Delhi just after his father passed away. But wait, he isn't Tendulkar so his feats are lost in the footnotes.

I should also point out to you that we won two of the six series before this one without Tendulkar in the side. Even in the series Tendulkar played his contribution was sporadic. Couple of big scores concealing what were otherwise indifferent series.

Sujan Rao said...


Very well written, loved your style!

and speaking abt arrogant Virat Kohli,He looked arrogant not just playing cricket.I was at Bangalore during the last CLT20 Opening ceremony.While every player acknowledged the crowd when they were around the field before the start of match, this was one such fella who completely ignored the crowd.Not even a damn look at the cheering crowd. I could see that rage and anger in the crowds face after he passed. He's gotta learn something frm The Wall and Uthappa..

OooH he's gonna lose his fan base doin this.

Sujan Rao said...

Now here I got some pics I took just to show the diff. I know it doesnt matter how arrogant this fella is, but then Indian cricket crazy fans do get disappointed by this sort of behaviour

(Virat Kohli, arrogant entry.. Didnt even look at the cheering crowd)

And then We have

(Crowd cheers " Taylor Taylor Taylor" and Ross acknowledges it)

Mahek said...

Kohli probably wants to play for Delhi and is trying to get the hell out of the Royal Chokers :P

Ankit Poddar said...


it does make a difference!

i was watching the Under 19 WC, that India won under Virat's captaincy!

i liked the way virat played and he had scored a hell lot of runs too, but the arrogance on display, makes him well, unattractive to me as a cricketer!

Ankit Poddar said...


thank you! it is ankit, actually!

the premonition style is existent on some of my other posts as well, check out the bored label, premonition!

Mahek said...

Good thing then that he's paid to score runs and not win a popularity contest. I guess that's the difference between him and Uthappa. That and the fact that Kohli doesn't have Uthappa's man-boobs.

sushil rajmane said...

very well written

absence of sachin in the team is certainly gonna cause some dent to the side, no matter who else is there in the team after him.. if not practical but yes there will be a psychological block..and somewhere this factor matters..