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Silly questions: why was Amit Mishra dropped

by bored cricket crazy indians

His bowling average shot from less than 30 (29 point something) to 37.90 in just one innings. The selectors locked Mishra in a panic room, safe from any more test cricket. If he plays more, even Agarkar’s test bowling average of 47.32 will be threatened.

And as Shastri will tell you, Agarkar may go for a few, but he has the knack of taking wickets.

Mishra has already played 6 tests, Ojha hasn’t even played one, to quote a selector, “everyone should get a fair chance”

Mishra is shorter than both Bhajji and Ojha. Also Bhajji and Ojha smile more than Mishra.

Sachin Tendulkar is closing in on another milestone, 13k runs. Everything must be just so, and that so and so Bhajji must play.

In Motera, Mishra’s 58 overs cost 203 runs; Bhajji’s 48 cost only 189. Anything over 200 runs even at a lesser run rate is not acceptable. This is test cricket. Wickets and not run rates count.

Bhajji’s 2 wickets were impressive; one wasn’t even out while the other was a freebie. Mishra only had one freebie to his name, that too the tired double centurion.


Pinaki said...

Strange is the 'wisdom' and strange are the ways of the the five wise men...

Rishabh said...

Probably this was a birthday gift for Ojha...weird though. It seems Dhoni has started loosing confidence in any bowler who gets the beating by the opposition on a flat, dead, batting paradise.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Pinaki, Except for Ishant and Sreesanth, the team for the series picked itself. Surely this one was MSD's call.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Risabh, if that was the case Bhajji shouldn't have played either. But yeah, here was a chance to stand up for Mishra, like Sanga did for his spinners.

Rishabh said...

To be honest, had I been in MSD's place I might have even opted for 3 spinners like Sanga did...after all even Sreesanth is not as good as the selectors think of him currently.

And if you see, the ball is turning a bit more than yeah, there is no harm in doing this.

Remember during the game against SA in 2008 at Kanpur, how spin-friendly the pitch got! I guess the only problem for India would be then who would partner Zak in the opening spell. Again, I would have gambled and could have used Bhajji as the opening partner with Zak. MSD did the same during the 2008 test.

Rishabh said...

Don't think about the changes in pitch too much from the last game. I am sure this one would be the same as last time around.