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Swap Analysis.

by Gaurav Sethi

Bachche ki jaan loge kya? And even though Murali’s no kid, you can’t bowl him anymore, or Bhajji or anyone else who bowled at Motera. Not even if they want to. Not at Kanpur at least.

Murali uncle bowled (and I need my citizen calculator for this) 63.5 overs. See what I mean, he was so flat, couldn’t even complete his over. Point to be noted, Murali bowled an incomplete point five ball over.

Another point: Bhajji bowled 48.4 overs, and that’s in one innings. See, he too couldn’t complete his over.

But that’s nothing compared to Mishra the Mule: he bowled 58 overs in one innings. You’d think the sherpas had taken him to Everest base camp.

When the path was easier, and Mishra had Mahela mandal’s wicket, Bhajji the thoroughbred had his freebie.

Such lineage, you can’t help but want Bhajji to excel. The others, down the ravine.

Like Herath: 62 overs only.

Time to rest Murali and Bhajji or they will drop. It’s the festive season, let them shop till they drop. Buy a tannery in Kanpur, Bhajji. Ask MS to pitch in.

Murali, what are you scared of – Warne has retired, and Sachin doesn’t bowl much. Your record is safe. Go home. Let short sleeves bowl; bowl till he becomes sleeveless.

Hard to imagine a game without Murali and Bhajji – but so much harder to sit through one with them,


straight point said...

as i said at sp...

its my wish to watch dhoni captain sans yuvi and bhaji in a test match... he might surprise himself...

but now that bhajji has become his biz partner too the stakes are higher than ever...

Gaurav Sethi said...

MSD to SP - "that's non sans"

I doubt whether Yuvi or Bhajji's POV effects MSD's thinking or captaincy.

Frankly the way he backs Bhajji you'd think he was his life partner. Yuvi is a tougher one, and with fewer tests it's a tough call - only know if he's injured for a series, and his replacement single handedly wins a series. Even then they'll find someone else to drop - a bowler. They'll play with 3 bowlers + 5 bats + MSD + Yuvi + Yuvi's freak replacement

Gaurav Sethi said...

And then Bhajji + Yuvi are both allrounders. It will be argued like Mishra, Yuvi can bowl 58-203-1