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Announcement - Calling Motera's Curator to Mumbai!

by Ankit Poddar

Yes, there is a match to be played in Mumbai! No, he is not going to be asked to prepare wicket for another boring match!

He is being called to Mumbai, to prepare Mumbai's roads! It is being believed, that "If he could create a pitch with soil, that did not produce a single crack, or unevenness over a period of five days, imagine, the kind of magic he could do with concrete."

I have to say, I can not disagree on this one! God knows, Mumbai needs roads that will not crack up every other day, or provide uneven bounces at every 100m.

Raj Thackerey has promised to create another havoc. Ironically, it is something about sons-of-'soil'!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Once you're thru with him, send him to Delhi.

Mahek said...

Come on NC, you're not suggesting Delhi roads are as bad as those open gutters of Mumbai, are you?