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Time for some sane, classical, orthodox, conventional cricket

by K

Looking forward to some sane, classical, orthodox, conventional cricketing action after a long time on Indian soil when Sri Lanka take on India in a Test series. Lot at stake - India looking to keep it's record intact of never losing a Test on home soil against Sri Lanka, India's hurt pride after series loss to Aus, Sri Lanka looking to break Test jinx in India.

It's your stage VVS and Jammy (Dravid). Show the full face of the bat, shoulder arms, play the forward defensive, show these slam-bang kids how to play a marathon innings and grind it out.

I'm dying to see two teams fight it out in their whites after a loooong time. After all I'm a true lover of the game and not a recent convert.


scorpicity said...

I'm with you... Though I somehow prefer watching tests of the Indian team being played abroad.

Sujan Rao said...

AH this was what I was waiting from years now.

Time for SL to prove their No 2 Test Ranking status.

With Anil Kumble gone, and Bhajji with this (great) form, Im hopeful to see my boys get their first win on Indian soil. Sad to see they demoted Sanath to no 7 though.