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by K

Just as Sehwag reached the milestone of 6000 test runs today, my thoughts went back to the days when we first heard of this guy as a middle-order bat for Delhi whose hard-hitting ability and strike rate was compared (by our cricket scribes) with that of Shahid Afridi.

But now there is just no comparison between Sehwag and Afridi as Sehwag is a few light years ahead of Boom Boom.

Jatman is now on the cusp of becoming the first ever player to score three triple hundreds in Test cricket. I actually don't know what more to write, I'm running out of adjectives for Viru.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

K, seeing as you are a Jat too, how can you afford to run out of adjectives.

Afridi used to whine if he was backed like Sehwag he would have been a different player.