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Batty about batting.

by Gaurav Sethi

Bhajji is known to be a trendsetter; and while the tri colour was waved before he became the team’s flag bearer, it is his role as a lower order batsman that is turning Indian cricket upside down.

It is a known fact the bowlers refuse to bowl in the nets, they all want a hit. And when some kids aren’t there to turn their arm over, the batsmen have to bowl to the bowlers; that doesn’t make sense but that’s how it is.

If you’re surprised how part-timers like Raina, Sehwag, Yuvraj are stepping up to fulfill the fifth bowler’s role, don’t be – they get plenty of practise in the nets.

This change is visible beyond team India, in the Ranji sides as well – Agarkar bats at 6, and scores runs like he’s making them of his own bowling. Then there’s forever young Piyush Chawla, he’s up at seven, sometimes six, other times eight.

Looks like a perfect candidate for MSD’s side, where batting positions are as provocative as the Kamasutra. Today you’re on top, tomorrow way down, and sometimes you have to make do, sitting sideways, on the bench.

That’s the case with Praveen Kumar; and even though he opened in some games, chipped in with a few handy knocks for India lower down, he just doesn’t have the hair ‘n’ flair of an Ishant. But PK, being the trier he is, is working on it as we speak.

So too Irfan Pathan, who’s played some killer knocks in the Ranji for Baroda; in fact such has been his focus on batting that he often bowls with his bat.

It’s a worrying sign alright, Chawla, Irfan, Praveen, Agarkar, all batty about batting. Who the hell, will bowl? As always, Bhajji will have some answers, once he gets those gloves off.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Ha ha ! This one is awesome , still chuckling as i write this comment ! :-)
"Agarkar bats at 6, and scores runs like he’s making them of his own bowling.

pRAFs said...

pretty soon we'll be the adopting the new zealand style of cricket then.
everybody bats a bit and every body bowls,.... mostly medium pace

then the opening batsmen bowl when everyone else is tired of bowling.

what? isn't harbhajan our 2nd change seamer... oh.

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, his scores intimidate me, much as the prospect of his return.

pRAFs, that will be very Harris-ing. It's odd but after Dada, there's been no batsman who can bowl seam up - all some variation of slow bowling.

pRAFs said...

I hear GG bowls some leggies, but has landing problems.
the rest just bowl offspin,
lemme see,
viru- off breaks
Sachin- not bowling lately
Yuvi- off spin
Raina- see above
Nohit- guess what?
Yusuf007/008/009- bhajji-ish off cutters
Harbhajan - collingwood-ish off cutters

this looks more like the banglasdesh team model.