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The continuing saga of BossDK and BiggBosST – 4

by Bhaskar Khaund

It’s a minefield of a green top pitch. The batting side has had a disastrous start. At one point they were reeling at 10-5. BossDK and BiggBosST, however, have since steadied the ship to a considerable extent. BossDK has absorbed countless blows but has carried on with remarkable courage. No less than four times has ST proposed to DK that they refer the pitch to the umpires with a view to calling the game off but DK has refused. ST has been at his most masterly. Far from being in any sort of trouble , he is playing possibly one of the greatest innings of all time.

We come in at the point where ST is on 93 and facing the last ball of the 22nd over. DK is on a painstakingly compiled 13. The pitch seems to have evened out now and while still challenging is certainly fit for play.

21.6 XX to ST. FOUR ! Shot ! Short of a length ball , rises , gets big on ST but ST plays a controlled slash that goes over the slip cordon and is one bounce into the fence. Terrific stuff here ! ST goes to 97 with that boundary.

Brief mid pitch conference between overs. Batsmen punch hands. Their understanding is legendary.

22.1 YY to DK. Comedy ! Rank bad ball . Short ,wide and and asking to be hit. DK positions himself for the square cut but at the last moment slips awkwardly and falls face down.
Then the strangest thing happens. DK walks up to ST , hurriedly says something to him and without waiting for ST’s reply rushes to the umpires and the fielding captain and speaks very animatedly. Turns out he wants the match to be abandoned ! Which is strange because the wicket has surely improved and the previous ball was just DK’s own error rather than any devil in the pitch. ST , the fielding side , the umpires , even the match referee …they all speak to DK but DK looks adamant. Chaos and confusion reigns for 14-15 minutes before DK finally agrees to resume play.

22.2 YY to DK. Risky run ! Puts that away directly to the fielder at deep extra cover and dashes off for the run. ST has to complete it in a hurry and just about makes it. DK clearly wants to off strike but at what cost ?

Another mid pitch conference. ST talks briskly to DK , no doubt about that run. He seems to be telling DK to remain calm. DK nods vigorously. Their understanding is legendary.

22.3 YY to ST. OUT ! Bowled him ! Oh dear , oh dear, what was that ? The ball was pitched up nicely enough for a bread and butter cover drive. But at the precise moment of pitching , DK at the non-striker points sharply with his arm and shouts a loud “ Yes, see ,that’s the spot !” That distracts ST who is momentarily unsighted and is bowled clean through the gates.
Oh dear , here we go again : ST bowled YY - 97
ST’s expression as he walks out or DK’s post match explanation …we shall not go into those.
This post is hereby abandoned.


pRAFs said...

I'm assuming the bowler 'YY' in question is not yousuf youhana... that would suck far more..

Bhaskar Khaund said...

The records i checked didnt have any further details Prafs, but safe to assume it is not him :-)

Mahek said...

You don't want to call him that, Prafs :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Post abandoned, what a little gem at the end, to say nothing of the queen's necklace of a post.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Hahaa...really enjoying the 'continuing saga' of BossDK and BigBosST! Great work, BK!

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks NC and Cricket Tragic ! This spurs one on - i.e., you have been warned !
Cheers ;-)