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Bhajji's on the road.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Today morning's Mail Today had one of those group photographs - MS, Bhajji, Viru and Ishant. Appears the four of them have new websites.

MS' page opens on a white collared exec and this spiel:

"Mahendra Singh Dhoni (born 7 July 1981 in Ranchi) is an Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian team. Initially recognised as an extravagantly flamboyant and destructive batsman, Dhoni has come to be regarded as one of the coolest heads to captain the Indian ODI side."

Any more spiel and it would've been a spielberg.

Bhajji's page opens with Bhajji on the road. No TMKs.

Viru's page has some boring spiel, but there's this nice quote by the nice Chappell

"Sehwag can change the course of a match with the ease of Moses parting the red sea"

Ishant's page, why bother. But if you must know they start of by saying "With a physique and attitude of a young Javagal Srinath..." Poor Srinath, retirement isn't easy.


Mahek said...

Sehwag's bio says he's one of the most successful Indian openers after Sunil Gavaskar. Who the f*** writes these things? He is THE most successful Indian opener after Sunil Gavaskar!

Gaurav Sethi said...

I'd like to hear Chetan Chauhan's comment on this, lotta lip service on tv today.

Aditya said...

Guess the Bhajji road pics were taken in new Zealand.

Is it me or the bhajji outdoor pics too outrageous!

and was shocked to see the Sponsors section on Dhoni's website Empty!!

finally we will see all of them tweeting away to glory! (hopefully)