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A Christmas ban.

by Gaurav Sethi

It may not be a test series, but the discerning MSD doesn’t care much for playing the Lankans. 3 tests, 2 T20s and 2 ODIs too many, what about decorating my bikes with mistletoes – and anyway, always better to end the year on a high with a hundred, than lose a series to the Lankans.

A shrewd plan indeed. Let’s talk, mid pitch, mid way through the bowler’s run-up, by the way, off the cuff, just talk – it takes time to talk. The more time it takes, the longer the game goes on, the longer the game goes, the stronger the chances of a ban.

Of course, a 3 ODI ban will be ideal, but 2 will do too. Back for the Delhi game, where if we’re bowling second, we’ll bowl by example – bowl our overs or the Lankans well within time. No more talking, that’s for Aircel mobile ads.

But are the Aircel ads worth talking about?

1 comment:

Som said...

hehehe, good one NC:)