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Down to the last decimal point with Bhajji.

by bored cricket crazy indians

"Also, let it be known I was the only bowler who went at less than 6 runs per over. Bhajji being a creature of habit likes to go at 5.80 runs per over; irrespective of the conditions, and today was no different. Who cares if the other guys go at 10 and 12 r.p.o., I’m good with my 5.80 r.p.o."

That's On Bored, from December 15th, after the Rajkot ODI; and now in the Nagpur ODI, what are Bhajji's bowling analysis - 10-0-58-1 i.e. Bhajji went @5.8 r.p.o. Incredible, two games, identical runs conceded; if only he was half as accurate. But dart's life.

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