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Confusing one form with the other

by Gaurav Sethi

Arguably some players have a license to fail repeatedly; and even if they fail in one form, they can always sneak into another form. So Ishant is dropped from the test team but he makes the T20 side. Yusuf Pathan is dropped from the ODI side (frankly I’ve lost track of this player’s flop shows) and walks into the T20 team. Rohit Sharma too, out of the ODI side, but in the T20 side.

I know, if and when any of these players make it in any form they will be rushed back into whichever form they were ousted from.

No such luck for someone like Amit Mishra. He’s first dropped from the test team, and then he’s not picked for either the one-day or T20 team. It’s obvious, some guys have all the bad luck – their neck is always on the line.

At Bored we’ve tracked Yusuf Pathan’s repeated failures (the number of first ball ducks) to hell with lame reasons that defend his batting position to his thoughtless batting; today, yet again, he was out on a second ball duck.

I wrongly called it as a first ball duck on twitter
@nakedcricket: Can't wait for Yusuf Pathan to score a first ball duck #cricket

It's a little much to talk about a T20 game, esp a lost cause, so here is BoredCricket on twitter

MSD's innings show just serious he takes India's No.1 test ranking. #cricket #MSD

The emotionally imbalanced cricket fan will find fault in MSD's subdued innings. #cricket

After the last over heroics from gambhir, more cricketers are looking to get their sisters married #cricket

MSD on the phone with Dravid, "you were right, once you enjoy test cricket...." #cricket #MSD

Damn, this Dinesh Karthik is so damn keen he wants to field for the Lankans #cricket

After this dismissal, Mahela will continue batting in the dugout #Mahelaisanoptimist #cricket

Sangakarra is still trying to win Sri lanka's first test in India #cricket

Only a conservative guy like Arnold will say 180. C'mon think 250 #cricket

And the crowds sing, When the Sanath's go marching out. #cricket

Credit to Ishant, he just didn't drop the ball, he dropped himself too #cricket

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Hey, what are tweets doing in a blog post? But hey, what are IPL amateurs doing in the Indian team?


Homer said...

"But hey, what are IPL amateurs doing in the Indian team?"

The same thing Ranji amateurs do in the Indian Test and ODI teams.

#1 in Tests, #2 in ODIs - amateurs cant be all that bad then, eh?


Gaurav Sethi said...

Good point Homer. I should add, what are IPL amateurs/ ODI discards doing in the Indian team - we could have at least waited for the next IPL to pick them