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The continuing saga of BossDK and BiggBosST - 5

by Bhaskar Khaund

They say statistics do not reveal everything. True. What the records certainly do not reveal is the fact that BossDK happens to be an extremely large-hearted and caring sort of a person. What he lacks by way of runs (and perhaps - or at least as ST will see it- safe partnerships) he makes up with empathy and selfless support for those around him. Sometimes with rather unusual consequences.
We come in at the point during a Day-Nighter when BossDK and BiggBosST are batting under the lights. ST has been playing another splendid gem and is now on 94. It's been a high adrenaline innings. XX bowls to him and ST gives him the charge. Bang ! There she goes , ST goes for his century with this audacious six , will he make it ?
The ball goes high,high,high up in the air. It's heading straight down fielder YY's throat at the boundary. But YY is unsighted by the lights ! Looks like he is going to spill it. That's sad for YY because he has been under tremendous pressure for his poor fielding. He will almost certainly be dropped from the side if he drops this one !
DK is aware of this and feels deeply for YY. Instinctively he starts hollering directions from the non-striker's end. " Run forward !" , "To the right now ! " , " some more !" , " !" and his guidance works to perfection,it being the only reason why YY takes that catch.
Dear Bored friend , we have a tragic scoreline here , viz : BiggBosST - c. YY b.XX 94
DK sinks to his knee and groans in agony as he realises what he has done. It is a feeling that will not leave him for some time to come. Then and there he resolves that he will make up for this.
The opportunity arrives at the next match.We come in again , by a happy coincidence (for this post) at a similar situation. ST is facing on 98 now. The ball is an excellent bouncer that takes ST by surprise. ST goes for the hook but ends up top edging it. The ball balloons up high in the air giving the keeper enough time to get under it. Looks like ST's gone there , it's a dolly !
DK grabs the opportunity to make amends. He starts shouting at the keeper to drop the catch. A hoarse "Drop that man ! Come on , you'll drop it anyway ,pal !" rings all around the stadium. And it works ! The distracted wicketkeeper spills that catch ! But. Big But.
So engrossed has DK been with this that he has completely missed ST setting off for a run while the ball is in the air. In fact , it still doesn't register when he finally notices ST midway down the pitch. He thinks ST's already walking and beckons to him to go back to the crease. "Its alright , he has dropped the catch, ST bhai !" , DK says gleefully without budging an inch. ST's reply is unprintable as he tries to scramble back but , ah , too late. The keeper's throw has dislodged the bails with ST inches out of the crease.
Dear Bored friend , the new scoreline is no less tragic , viz : BiggBosST - run out 98
You and I , dear Bored friend , empathize with the large hearted , caring and always-well-intentioned DK. That's a point of difference between ourselves and BiggBosST then.


Gaurav Sethi said...

I expected DK to give wrong directions to the keeper; but he will not knowingly deceive another cricketer. Empathy with a capital m.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Touche , NC ! ;-)