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The continuing saga of BossDK and BiggBosST- 6

by Bhaskar Khaund

This world has its surprises. The fact that BiggBosST has become apprehensive about having BossDK at the other end of a partnership is not one of them. That apprehension, though ,has come to impact ST's game and plans in rather surprising ways. As the following illustrates.
XX has just lost his wicket at the point where we come into the game. At the other end , ST - on a fine 90 - is less than pleased. For the next man is , yes ,DK whom ST - for understandable reasons - doesn't want in at this stage. He waves frantically at the pavilion to get them to change the order. To no avail . DK walks in with the usual air of brisk purpose that has endeared him to so many. He has a quick word with ST , brushes gloves - you are no doubt aware that their understanding is legendary - and walks across to take guard.
Then a strange thing happens. We see ST have a chat with the bowler YY . He seems to be saying something urgent , something serious , apparently trying to impress something of great importance upon him. YY looks increasingly more puzzled as he listens but nods in agreement at the end.
DK starts with a single off the first ball and this brings ST on strike to face YY. YY comes in , bowls . A bouncer , directed in line at the wicket , at a slightly uncomfortable height and , ooh , ST has ducked right into it ! Golly , that would have hurt. Indeed , it must have hurt. As ST has started walking towards the pavilion. Retired hurt. On the way out we seen him nod at YY in a sort of acknowledgement. What spirit , what character !
And the pavilion is where ST remains until the fall of DK's wicket. At which point , he walks back in , resumes his innings and goes on to complete a very fine hundred.
(To be continued)


Gaurav Sethi said...

What suspense, Hitchcock would've done no better. James Mason as BiggBosST and Carry Grant as BossDK

Som said...

Great going bhaskar, keep it going:)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks NC and Som ! i do see a couple more posts coming up in the near future :-)