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From Irfan to Ishant

by Gaurav Sethi

Dear Ishant,

I was once like you are now – screwed. I hated to bowl, but the captain and coach refused to believe I was screwed. The kept throwing the ball to me. And what could I do, I would bowl – absolute filth. Wish I had the courage to tell them to f**k off, at least today I would feel proud of something. But no, I took the ball, new ball, old ball, and bowled such filth even the highlights guys said they can’t package them.

I wanted to give up, but that Guru Greg he wanted me to be a batsman – tell you honest, I didn’t think I was a man then. Each night I prayed, please drop me from the team, don’t make me bowl more filth – I’ve lost my action, control, swing, I’ve basically lost it.

There were days when Yusuf and I played in the galli, I thought his medium pace was better than mine – I puked on the ball, only then I got a wicket, because the batsman refused to play it.

Ishant, I am only writing this letter to you because your name sounds like mine.

No, that’s a joke, I feel a connection with you. We both f***ed up, but that’s part of growing up.

We were born with it, and nobody can take that from us, not Greg not even us.

Best of luck, hope we come to our senses soon,

God bless,

Irfan Bhai


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Irfan Pathan rings a bell , is he the guy who coached debashish mohanty , if i got THAT name right...? or was that Venkatesh Prasad ...? And ishant is the guy who was the last pace sensation before sudeep tyagi ?am all confused now ...:-) he he he LOL - great post ! u need to extend it

Gaurav Sethi said...

If you're all confused you could be Irfan too. Next time, say I'm Irfaned. Or even Ishanted. Tho Irafned sounds better.

Yes, I wonder what Ishant will say now