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The curious case of Yusuf Pathan

by RajaB

Despite his best efforts cooking up zeros, Yusuf remains in the Indian team. Getting all the colours right on a rubik's cube would be easier than trying to solve this puzzle of understanding why. It looked such till we got hold of a transcript of the selection committee meeting to finalize the teams for the home series against Srilanka.

Krish Srikanth: Now let us discuss allrounders…

Voice1: Sanjay Bangar, he has been doing well in Ranji recently

Voice2: Then what about Rajat Bhatia, he is younger compared to Bangar…

Voice3: And Bangar has had his chances, now we should encourage youngsters

Voice1: So what about Pathan ?

Voice2: Which one ?

Voice3: No… No what have they done of any note off late… Except appearing on TV and dancing with Fara Khan ?

Krish Srikanth: Yes… I agree. Why Pathan ?

Voice1: Cheeka you mean Y Pathan ?

Krish Srikanth: Yes, why Pathan ?

Voices (in chorus): So Cheeka you mean take him ?

Krish Srikanth: Yes take him off

Voices (in chorus): Ok we take him… Y Pathan, Y Pathan


Gaurav Sethi said...

Ha! Good one Raja.

The bit about I Pathan would've been far more confusing -

Voice 3 - I Pathan

Cheeka - But you are not Pathan

RajaB said...

@NC: Good one... May be the tapes we received was tampered with to edit this bit !!