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Damn the record.

by Gaurav Sethi

Is it such a bad thing that Sehwag missed his third triple? Sure I woke up earlier than usual, got into my track and field gear, but the night before when a few of us Bored Members spoke, we almost knew, as Shastri would say, “the first few overs are crucial”, and that’s when Jatman will get out. It was also the reason for this Dilshan post.

In a way today's papers were disturbing. Sehwag was plastered all over the front page, he was the headline in anticipation of bigger headlines. For any other player, I know of a few papers that will even change their masthead. I also know of news channels that will tattoo cricketer’s names on their anchor’s arms.

With Sehwag it’s different, even when he goes nuts there's some national disaster that overtakes him in the news. Records and Jatman are not meant to collaborate. The runs and the ruins around them, that’s his legacy. He is not street legal. He is for a blog, not the mainline media.

Just as records are for Sachin. So if and when he gets 40 something century at Brabourne we will have to unlearn counting all over again. But they can’t make us forget the 293. It may not be a record, but it has been recorded with a cricketing needle.So friggin deep I can almost hear each shot pierce through.

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