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Part time lover

by bored cricket crazy indians

Once all the bowlers were offered as sacrifice to Jatman, it was time for Plan B: Bowl Dilshan.

A tweet by BoredCricket @15.38

Dilshan has still not bowled. Then again, to get Jatman outta here they'll need a part time lover. Not a part time bowler #cricket

Finally, Dilshan bowled in the 72nd over, and Jatman was dropped at slip. Of course, Dilshan could have bowled earlier, say the first over, and Jatman could have still been dropped at slip. At least then the captain could have blamed the slipper and not himself.

In hindsight, Dilshan should have bowled in the 78th over, for that's when Katich had him @195, some 6 years back.

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Rohit said...

Has Murali become so bad that Sehwag just mistook him for a part timer?? :-)

Som said...

DDD bond, I guess. Sri Lanka needed Maharoof in their rank.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Rohit, think Sehwag can live with the c & b; it's holding out with a mad heave first thing in the morning that would've hurt him. He just seemed sad, for a few secs. That's a lot for him.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, often wondered about that. Going by the effect Sehwag's had on Dilshan, by now Maharoof should be the most dangerous back bencher in cricket.