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Dinesh Karthik has a ton

by Bhaskar Khaund

Of worries, that is.
It's 13 required to win off, oh, plenty of balls.
Sachin's on 91.
Dinesh Karthik clobbers the most potentially fateful six of his cricketing career.
Then the requirement's down to two and Sachin's up to 96.
And Dinesh Karthik flicks the most potentially fateful four of his cricketing career.
And it's all over.
The match , i mean.
Tsk, tsk, Dinny Boy. Now why did you have to go and do something that - to borrow the words from Sir Humphrey and his colleagues at Whitehall and employ them in that sense- novel and courageous ? Why the No Prime Minister, Dinesh ?
Unless. Hmm, now hang on. This thing could be turned around on its head.
The MSD ban is for two ODIs, not two years - yes ? MickytakingWhythehecknot, one is told, is a jolly entertaining sport outside of the XI out in the middle. Keeda-if-not-Cap is apparently something of a rallying motto amongst the more spirited sections of the sporting populace. And all power to them. What fun and frolic for all !
Missed a trick , young Parthiv ?


Som said...

Bhasker, with MSD as captain, DK never had any future in Indian cricket. Now denying century to T'kar potentially buried the last remnant of whatsoever hope he had.

Prabu said...

I don't quite get the Tendulkar bashing that goes on in this site and the vehemence associated with it. I suppose this wouldn't be the case if he played for Delhi or his parents had schooled in Delhi...

Naked Cricket said...

Prabu, not bashing, leg pulling. That's how it is with old friends, no matter where they're from.

pRAFs said...

poor kid looked mortified after the last boundary...
not that he could do much about it, couldn't have blocked it , considering the angle.

ah well, back to the usual filling in and carrying drinks in a weeks time.
the feeling of being at home

Naked Cricket said...

Hilarious BK! You have travelled much to be at Whitehall and do keeda in the same post.

Som, now DK won't have a past. Look, his profile is missing on cricinfo.

Prafs, he couldn't have; and I prefer so called accomplices to play their own game than get out blocking; not in a limited overs game, not a limited opportunity player anyway.

Christopher Poshin David said...

I really don't understand the big fuss here....Karthik is amazing talent and it is criminal to see him wasted...he is much better than Kohli yet he is sidelined and yesterday, you could see the disappointment of Karthik after he hit that four...He so dearly wanted to see Sachin score a ton just like us or even more...

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Guys : :-))
Prabu and Christopher : Relax and :-)) is what its all about. relax. just having a laugh. pls dont take my posts seriously bcos i certainly do not !
So..... :-))

Jai said...

Dinesh Karthik ... I can't believe why he hit the six and four. Surely can't be to show off he can hit when all the fielders are inside the circle trying to prevent him from rotating the strike, so Tendulkar doesn't get a 100. What a team player Dinesh makes, who wouldn't want him on the team {sarcasm}

junk said...

i don't get it prabu, whats delhi got to do with tendulkar bashing, or is it some tic humor i dont get?

junk said...

bossdk hit the six and four to prove to the world how he could hit a six and a four when st was unable to do so, by inference it makes him more competent than st, so who cares when dhoni's bak?