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Not such little differences.

by Gaurav Sethi

When last did MSD bowl Sehwag in a one dayer? Good question, pass. Today, Sehwag brought himself on as early as the 16th over, bowled four overs straight, going round the wicket to left hander Tharanga first ball.

MSD prefers to not bowl Bhajji in the power play; today, Sehwag brought Bhajji on in the 14th. Also unlike MS, Sehwag did not bring Bhajji on to tackle the tail – instead, he chose to bowl Jadeja through.

Of course, once Jadeja was done, Bhajji came on in the 44th, but by then, so were the Lankans. Off late, Bhajji usually has the tailenders for dessert, but Nehra can be such a spoilsport.

Also noticed the stand in skipper and wicketkeeper are far more cheerful – but then picture Sehwag captaining and keeping or far that matter DKNY keeping and…ok, let’s not push it.

MS will be back on the 27th, till then Bhajji will be low key; will bat after the batsmen and bowl where a team’s frontline spinner should, in the first fifteen.


Homer said...


You surely cannot be serious?

MSD vs Sehwag - the contest is over before it begins.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Yay ! For once Homer and I are in agreement :-)

Homer said...


Lets not jump the gun Bhaskar.. I believe MSD is the superior captain.

Your turn..


Mahek said...

It's a tricky business this better captain argument. Dhoni already has the wins to argue his case while Sehwag hasn't led the side in enough games. If you want to go by what he's done in the IPL it can be argued that Dhoni's sides in that league have performed lower than expectations.

I really don't care which of the two is captain as long as we keep winning and don't take 10 days to complete 50 overs. But I did like how he didn't pay obeisance to Harbhajan Singh.

namya said...

you forgot about the wicketkeeper not coming in at #3 part :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Homer, dead serious.

Not so much who's a better captain, but what Sehwag did differently, it was refreshing.

As for the contest, MSD has been ahead of the others so far, but what will tomorrow bring, who knows?

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, for once Homer, you and I are in agreement.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, sure is tricky, but therein lies the mazza.

Frankly I wasn't looking forward to Sehwag's captaincy, but I'm glad he did things his way that says a lot.

Of course, had he swapped places with GG that would've been something, a very Jatman thing at least.

CSK have been below par, as has MS with them.

Gaurav Sethi said...

namya, ha ha, how could I

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Homer ,
Eh ?
I believe the same - thats why i said we're in agreement for once
:-)But then that feels so wierd let's have a round of the usual , shall we ..
Shall we do Ishant then ?

raj said...

If Viru can bell Durby Singh, then he is worth the role given to him.
Yeah, I also feel MSD has been under-bowling Viru; and he has been protecting Durby Singh too much - as NC observed here many times, Durby always gets to bowl at the tail, after someone else has worked hard to get a breakthrough. Just like MSD at #3, the counter argument to this would be that Durby is the best suited to get tail wickets. So, how do we know? Because we dont give a chance to others to bowl at the tail - therefore statistics will point to Durby as the best bowler against the tail

Prabu said...

what are the chances DK woulda played ahead of Raina in the order if MSD were captain????

Mahek said...

Pretty good chances if you consider the fact that Kohli has batted ahead of Raina. I think they've identified Raina's role in the side going forward. He's going to bat at number 6 unless Yuvraj isn't playing, in which case he might come in at 4 or 5 if it's in the last 15 overs of the innings.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Raj, that's some summation

Prabu, not too bright

Mahek, Don't be surprised if Raina is in at 3 next game - or latest by 4 after GG. Kid gotta play to his reputation as a game breaker. And it's time for some floating in the batting order.

Very much doubt DK will bat, if at all, before Raina with MSD in charge.