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Good old Vizzy.

by Bored Guest

Bygone days. Radio days of yore. Of “running commentary”: No TV cricket visuals with live signage. But the running commentary was lively indeed. By big names or cricket stalwarts. For India, it was Vizzy or the Maharaja of Vizianagram: full of fun with barbs at youngsters of his days, but also with fulsome praise when called for. Yet he spoke sense. He could share the mike and take a break.

But not so Devraj Puri. A fussilade of words and a loner of sorts because he couldn’t share the mike or the time. One-man show. Breakneck speed and ball by ball account, no asides like Vizzy’s. Recall yes, comparisons galore but only when someone was out. Good voice, good info. Devraj’s son, Narottam, was also into cricket, but a doctor and a medicine man of sports. Almost like his Dad, but a lot slower. Not a speed merchant, a word reserved for the real fast bowlers in the old days.

by Lalit
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1 comment:

scorpicity said...

There has been a flurry of the old nostalgic radio posts. I could only read them but didn't have the time to send in detailed thoughts on these.

All of these including your's now almost want to make me cry about the old philips radio we had. It used to be our lifeline. Some 30 years later, i decided to open it up with and fool around with it and ended up burning it up.

I miss that gigantic radio with no spare parts support.

Welcome to bored and hope to see more of you here.