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Freak show

by Gaurav Sethi

There’s a Ranji game on, Railways vs. Gujarat. Look at the scorecard, and it’s more like Gujarat vs. Gujarat – 91 in 58.2 overs. But that’s the least of it; look at Sanjay Bangar’s figures: 19.2-11-17-3, what has he become, a bowling machine? Top that he comes and bats, 31 not out. If he goes on like this, they’ll have to call Railways Airways.

Then there’s captain, Murali Kartik, he didn’t even bowl one over. With a name like his, no matter what you do, how you spell it, (Karthik or Kartik), Indian cricket treats you like you’re thick or something – anyway he grabbed three catches.

Also discovered this fiery sounding name – Cheluvaraj, nickname Chalu. He’s also the Railways' wicketkeeper; if ever MS needs a break from tests they should try him. He has the patience of a European doctor in Africa: 10 of 90. And guess what he opens too.


Rohit said...

Just tells you that there are too many domestic teams. The dilution in whatever sparse quality there is to begin with, is hurting. A fewer number of teams is the only solution.

On the bright side, at least the pitch isn't flat if Bangar has become unplayable!!

scorpicity said...

First match of the Ranji and Bangar scores a rousing 150.

Ranji as Rohit says is way too messed up with too many teams.

Pathak from Saurashtra is having a real ball of a time. He doesn't give much for Pujara to go big.