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Was it Jammy or was it Jatman?

by Gaurav Sethi

I need closure for Jatman’s wicket. Let’s get one thing straight guys, his innings was not some accounting procedure, it was not meant to be carried forward. Seeing how fast our man, Jatman got to his double from the 180s (a blink of an eye is longer in comparison), you’d expect, the 280s to 300 would have been faster. Needs to be considered that Sanga pulled out a Dilshan from his hat, and said, play boy to Jatman – and nearly had him; but by then our man was high on helium, he needed to go; it’s bad enough the innings had to be broken by drinks breaks, tea intervals – given a chance, Jatman would have said, “one tea to go”. Innings such as his cannot have a break, and while you write of them, you can’t afford to have para breaks, line breaks, word breaks are bad enough. The innings was a rant. Jammy however, did not get this. Or maybe he did, and I already did complement him for his camaraderie; but Jammy, how well do you know Jatman – why were you trying to squeeze his innings last night – what was all that about hogging the strike, last two overs, think you batted thirteen balls – that is just not possible, not on sir. And Jatman, you know him, he won’t say nothing, you are like his big bro. Face it, last night’s innings was not meant to played again today – it was like her perfume, meant to stay, not washed by water or time. And what did you do, you let him sleep over it. Go back in time Jammy, rotate the strike, give Jatman those last two overs back. And if he gets out, so be it. I can live with that.


Anisha said...

He should have gone down swinging or retired overnight...what a kela yaar

G said...

blame Jammy for saving his back the previous day.
Irony is Jatman got out playing Jammisque shot and Jammy got out playing Jatmansque shot