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"How can a Danish play for Pakistan?"

by Gaurav Sethi

The Kiwis were asking some highly inane questions on the second day of the Wellington test. Not least of them, "how does one play test cricket?" Nobody told them “one doesn’t play test cricket, eleven do”. Naturally an individualistic team such as the Kiwis loses its way when Shane Bond’s body walks out on them. In a way, the soul of the team leaves them. They’re left with the brains and glasses, but how much can four eyes do?

Stumps first day, when Pak was only five down, of which Vettori had three, it was obvious the Kiwis had already lost it. That in spite of Misbah having lost it again; a sweep befitting his Kamikaze ways. Without dwelling on the MoYo distraction, the Akmal & bowling brothers secured the game with the bat – if an Akmal was not a keeper, you’d expect one of the bowlers to keep too. Perhaps it’s time for a bowler to captain Pakistan again.

Weather permitting, the game should be over in three days, latest lunch fourth day. We can however be done by lunch tomorrow, if Pak declares overnight. First use of the morning conditions, doubt New Zealand will better their 99 red balloons.

And while we’re at it, a special mention for Brendon McCullum and his first ball idiocies, now what the hell is he doing batting before Shane Bond. Oh forgot, Bond isn’t batting this one.


Abdullah said...

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Gaurav Sethi said...

Will check yr blog Maz