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by Gaurav Sethi

At 10.15 am I was flat out asleep when a “YAY!” from downstairs snapped me awake. That has to be the 7th wicket; I zap the TV on, there’s a score, SL 309, and a replay, Murali’s wicket, Bhajji’s got it – barely awake, I’m thinking, how many more has B***** taken?

Scorecard appears, just the gratis 10th wicket, that is booked for Bhajji; in addition to Dilshan’s freebie.

I’m downstairs, HUGs, it’s like I won the match. More HUGs on TV, and then all the replays; I’m well rested, clearheaded, this is turning out to be a No. 1 Sunday.

Through the day I have one thought, why did my body clock not wake me up before day’s play – how did it work for the 3rd day, when Jatman was on the verge? Am I becoming one of those record hungry Indians that make SMG proud?

I need to address these issues, or are they non-issues? Anyway, I did get a tennis ball game in. As I bowled to a left hand batsman, and one turned from outside leg to way beyond off – I thought of Bhajji’s lack of turn again. And then when I bowled some crap down leg, I had to ask myself, am I no better than Bhajji?


Anonymous said...

YAY! to whatever makes you happy

K said...

Some wickets do seem to be reserved for Bhajji isnt it? I dont see why Dhoni should have opened with Bhajji from one end yesterday. And this isnt the first time it has happened. Whenever there is a good chance of taking a wicket, Bhajji comes on to increase his tally.

Unknown said...

i think india's got the best batting lineup in the world right now.. congrats man

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sure Anon

K, It's bloody blatant. Bet he bowls at the tailenders in the nets.

Thanks Husha. Congrats to you too.