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by Ankit


the icc have started another round of talks.

talks in which all they do is decide what’s on the menu.

well, almost till they eat, of course.

when they were fed up of the London fish-n-chips, they moved their shop to Dubai, to get more of the international variety of food.

there is a saying in India - “Sab khaate hain”. This should be put up on the notice boards on all floors of the ICC HQs.

now when the ICC doesn’t see much beyond food, even this post is having similar thoughts.

but we are posts of the higher moral fibre, we are much above thoughts of the gourmet.

so we move on…

after the officials are done eating, one of them suddenly looks at the clock - which has the watermark of Lalit Modi, with dollar signs for eyes – and shouts - “OMG, its almost time. What do we tell the press?”


The above word was in chorus and correct.

“Quick” claims the top dude. “Being the top dude, I instruct all quick thinkers here to think quickly and come up with some suggestions to improve the game we al dearly *burps* love.”

People think. Someone from Pakistan raises his hand, and is duly ignored by the top dude.

The Australian doesn’t even raise a hand, just murmurs out loud - “eh, what about the reinstatement of the super series, with Oztralia as the fixed team playing the best players from around the world, Whatd’ya say maite?” The Modi on the clock chuckles in glee.

“first of all, I am not your mate or maite or whatever the f*** you want me to be your”, barks the top dude…

to be continued…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good one..very funy. why balls?